Storm Kings Thunder


And so it begins

The party managed to secure the lost mines of Phandelver for the dwarves and were to be paid handsomely for their efforts by 10% of the profits of the mines. The Rockseeker brothers despite their loss were happy about regaining the mines. The loss of their brother was to be put into a statue in the mine to remember what it took to regain the mine. The party, especially [[Rurick | Rurick]] were to always be remembered in the new tome of the mine and the family of Rockseeker.

When they reported back to the miners exchange they were told about another person in connection the Zhentarim who could offer them further work. He was to be located in Triboar. It was at this point that the party was to split up a little.  The once noble Jaston was to stay in Phandelver and try to make this village properous again while working with the rockseekers and the Zhentarim.

While going to Triboar they became friendly with an elf who loved to play music on her lute. She agreed to join the party to Triboar and see what songs she could make about their adventures. She introduced herself as Rael and soon felt a connection to these people once she heard about what they had done for the village of Phandelver and the Rockseekers.

They all had their own reasons for once travelling to where they were going, but now had a connection between them that was a bond forged in combat and helping each other in hard times.

On the road into Triboar they came across a number of farmers and it seemed that Rael knew someone in this area and was seeking them. After asking a number of farmers about the area they got little information, however got to taste some nice cider which Rurick seemed to enjoy.



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